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Website Launch!

Welcome to Reptile Sales Oz!

This website has been created to fill the need for a one-stop-shop to buy and sell your pet reptiles and accessories. With the restrictions on selling animals on Facebook these days, and sites like Gumtree becoming harder to use efficiently, we felt the need to provide you with a better option. While we are creating and aiming this at the Western Australia hobby sector, this site is open for all Australian reptile keepers to use.

To get things moving, we are offering the ability to use all features of the site for free. We may end up implementing a subscription service in the coming months, once the site is established, but for now, please register and start placing ads!

You will still have paid options if you want to increase your chances of selling your products faster, such as “featured” ads and “highlighted” ads.

We also want YOUR feedback! Please, if you come across a bug, or something goes wrong, or if you have an idea on what we can do to make the site even better, we WANT to hear from you. This site will evolve based on what YOU want.

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