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Do I need a licence to keep reptiles?

Yes, you do. Each state will have their own licensing system. In W.A, a licence can be obtained from the DPaW/ DBCA website.

Can I catch and keep a reptile from the wild?

No, this is illegal. Only someone with the appropriate licence is able to legally collect reptiles for the pet trade.

What animals am I allowed to keep?

DBCA has a list of approved species we can keep, which can be found on their website.

Can I keep any of the approved species on my licence?

There are 2 categories of licence – Cat B & Cat C.
Cat B allows you to keep the majority of approved species, while Cat C is an advanced licence allowing you to keep venomous snakes, large pythons and large monitor species.

Am I allowed to import species from other states?

Yes, although there are exceptions.
They must be on the W.A approved species list, and there is a ban on importing pythons into W.A.

Are sales ads moderated?

Yes. If any ad is found to contain anything illegal or inappropriate, or is believed to be a scam, it will be removed from the site.