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Guide to Buying And Selling Pet Reptiles

This section is mainly for keepers that re newer to the hobby. MAKE SURE THE SELLER HAS A LICENSE – and it is not expired. Do NOT buy an animal unseen, unless you know the seller and trust them. Always view the animal first and ensure it is healthy. Make sure there are no visible injuries, it has no retained shed, it is not covered in mites. Ensure it is lively and not lethargic or skinny. You are not obligated to purchase an animal you are not sure of, just because you go to view it. Doesn’t feel right, walk away.

Research the requirements of the animal you are interested in, and ensure you have a set up 100% ready to go before you even view an animal. Some animals – especially lizards and turtles – are very high maintenance animals, and require a LOT of upkeep. If you do not have everything they need, they will die. Simple as that. Especially lizards like Bearded Dragons, Frill Neck Lizards etc. RESEARCH!

In short, don’t be a dick. If the animal isn’t fit to be sold, get it healthy first. You WILL get tyre kickers. Ensure someone is licensed first, and refuse to sell if they are not. Just as buyers are not obligated to purchase, you are not obligated to sell to someone you don’t feel comfortable giving the animal to. We all need to start somewhere, and if the keeper is too green for the animal they want to buy, KINDLY advise why the animal won’t be for them.

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